Five Commandments for Luxury Apartments in Maryland

Girl raising arms in front of the sunset

Thought to ponder: a few lucky people in DC walk to work–maybe even grabbing coffee and donut on the way. 

That’s not the reality for most of us in Maryland. And on average, Americans commute at least 25 minutes to work every day. That’s almost an hour of typically sedentary travel time every work day. And yeah, we could all try to move into city centers or try to scout out apartments near our offices. But who really wants to blur the line between work and home that much? Not to mention the fact that you might have to give up on that in-unit washer and dryer for your ancient (historic!) home.

Here at Woodfield Oxford Square, we think that home should be home—with all the amenities and features you desire. Behold, we present to you the commuter’s five commandments for luxury apartments in Maryland.


1. Thou Shalt Make Life Easy

…because work is hard enough. Between increasingly longer hours and quarterly reports that never seem to end, work is pretty stressful. The last thing you want is to come home to an ever-leaking faucet or a broken dishwasher, and a negligent/unresponsive landlord. Let’s face it—one of the main reasons you choose luxury apartments over a home is because you don’t have to fix anything yourself. Or go too far for a grocery store. A responsive on-site management team and small things, such as package receiving services, help create that effortless home life that enables you to kill it at work.


2. Thou Shalt House Friendly Neighbors

This is a hard one to control—after all, when you live in apartments, you know you’re taking a risk. That risk includes endlessly barking dogs, screaming kids, or televisions at blasting volumes. That’s why you want to live somewhere where there are other commuters and maybe even nice families who bring snickerdoodles over (just because). Again, home should be comfortable and relaxing; you shouldn’t have to file noise complaints as casually as you order Thai takeout. Bonus points if there are social events and a club room to facilitate friendly neighbor gatherings—when you don’t have time to join sports leagues or volunteer at the local animal shelter, it’s nice to socialize at home. Who knows, you might meet a friendly running buddy!


3. Thou Shalt Have No Dead Zones

This should never happen anymore, ever—but slow internet connections and phone dead zones still somehow exist. Apartments for commuters should ideally feature Verizon FiOs (we do!) and provide some sort of communal coffee-shop-like area so you can work from home without actually working from our apartments, where relaxation and Netflix tempt. As for dead zones? Yes, some of this is up to the provider. But we know you’ll always check our service while touring an apartment for the first time. And we get it.


4. Thou Shalt Allow Dogs

This one’s not quite a commandment—not everyone loves dogs—but it should be an option. If you already have a dog, you know You’re not five. You know how to make sure your dog’s taken care of, and you likely have dog walkers, sitters, and vets on speed dial. Sometimes, that excited puppy face is the only thing that gets you (and us) through the day, and let’s face it—a commuter with a pet isn’t likely to give it up just for new digs.


5. Thou Shalt Be Close to Highways

This is number one for a reason. Just because you’ve decided to move to the calmer outskirts of a major metropolis doesn’t mean you want to disappear off the grid or spend hours trying to navigate to the action. Apartments should be located reasonably close to highways and/or public transportation in Maryland so you can easily get to work or go out for drinks with friends (and not miss happy hour by an hour).
Anything we missed? What’s your non-negotiable for your apartment in Maryland? Let us know on Facebook! If you’re seeking an apartment in Hanover, MD, get in touch with us today. We’re here to answer your questions, and we’d love to show you what home means to us.