Shake Up Your Workout Routine with These Great Hanover Fitness Options

Woman running on trail toward sunset

We’ve all been there–you’re supposed to be at the gym, but somehow, find yourself at Happy Hour with friends for the second time this week.

Here’s the deal. Workouts don’t have to be boring, dreadful, or take hours of your time. When you live in a luxury apartment in Hanover, there’s a lot more at your fingertips than a boring gym session. Here’s how you can start a new fitness routine, shake your current fitness plan up, and discover some of the best Hanover fitness options close to you.


Get Motivated: Join a Fitness Class

Sometimes, the problem is just a lack of motivation–why? Maybe your routine is getting boring. Or perhaps your running buddy quit months ago, stating that they were just “over the whole workout thing” and went back to their routine of cheesecake and Mad Men reruns. Thankfully, there are fitness centers in Hanover where you’ll join a group of fitness enthusiasts. In no time, you’ll be feeling motivated, excited, and connected. Here are a few of the best options:

Xpose Fitness Studios

7550 Teague Rd, Ste. 109, Hanover

Xpose isn’t for everyone, but if you like to have fun and gain almost instant body confidence from your workouts, this may be the perfect place for you. Clients are known for being all ages, shapes, and sizes, and at the end of a simultaneously fun and sweat-inducing workout, you’ll have the opportunity to put all of your dance moves together in a dance party that makes you forget the fact that your legs will be sore tomorrow.

Powerhouse Gym Hanover

7476 New Ridge Rd, Ste A, Hanover

This is a no-frills gym with friendly people, clean bathrooms, and lots of space. Their motto is “Serious results. Period.” It’s rumored that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron Diaz, John Travolta, and Mike Tyson are a few of the big names that have found Powerhouse to their liking. Yes, at the end of the day, it’s just a gym. But if you’re ready to take the bull by the horns, bring in a great playlist, and follow a great workout plan, Powerhouse is one of the best gyms in the Hanover area.

Grounded CrossFit

7476 New Ridge Road Unit F, Hanover

Forget everything you’ve heard about Crossfit–basically, this program enables you to take all your groceries up to your apartment in one trip. Well, maybe not in the first month of working out–but still. It’s one of the best options for working out, because you’ll join a community of individuals that are excited and driven in their workout efforts, and they’ll encourage you to do your best.



Head Outside: Hit the Trails

If you work in an office, you know how much you miss seeing the daylight. Sometimes, the best way to work out in Hanover is also the least complicated–lace up your running shoes, and hit the community trails running through Oxford Square when we open up the best apartments for rent in Hanover, MD. Or pull out your dusty bike and take a ride through town.

What makes a run or bike ride even better? A dog. Pets are allowed here at Woodfield Oxford Square, so you can hit the trail with your most dependable buddy. (By the way, if you’re interested in other ways to explore nature near Woodfield Oxford Square, check back on our blog–we’ll be posting about nature in Hanover soon.)


No Need to Travel: Work(out) from Home

Did we mention there’s an even less complicated workout routine than running outside? It’s staying inside, and it’s a great option when the weather’s not so nice in Maryland.

Luckily, when you move into your awesome new apartment in Hanover, MD, you’ll be able to head down to our health club with strength and cardio training zones, yoga, and spin studio. If you’d prefer not to leave your living room, lay out a yoga mat on the luxurious frieze-style carpeting, crank up the A/C, and pull out the free weights and workout DVDs. It’s so easy to get a workout in when you can see the fridge waiting for you a few yards away.


Post Workout Rewards

Once you’ve reached a certain goal in your workout journey, there are plenty of healthy ways to reward yourself. One of the best ways? Heading to a hair studio or manicurist as a reward. Check out the studios and spas below around Hanover:


And the biggest reward of all? Taking a refreshing shower in your beautiful luxury apartment in Hanover, in a community that you’re proud to call home. Find out what it means to relax and join a community that’s also super close to the MARC train and the Baltimore Airport. Get in touch with us today for leasing information!