Eco-Friendly Luxury: Live Green in Woodfield Oxford Square Apartments

female holding green plant

It’s a phrase we hear almost every day: “Green Living.” But what does it really mean to “live green” in Howard County, MD?

At Woodfield Oxford Square, we take sustainability and green living pretty seriously. It’s a principle that applies to our luxury apartment community from the inside out. And it doesn’t hurt that we live in Hanover, with an abundance of gorgeous parks and trails. We’re surrounded by green.

And when we say “green,” here’s what we mean.

Our Community Fits Standards for a “Green Neighborhood”

Sure, it requires more effort to fit stringent standards to qualify as a “Green Neighborhood” in Howard County–but we know the impact this could have on the environment. Our Oxford Square community fits those standards for a Green Neighborhood–including use of environmentally sustainable materials in construction, beautiful trails around the area, and maximum energy and water efficiency. It’s important to us, and we’re willing to bet it’s important to you, too.

Every Apartment is NGBS Silver Certified for Green Living

When you walk into your apartment, feel the comfortable temperature, and rinse your hands under your stainless steel faucet, you probably won’t be considering the merits of NGBS Silver Certification for green living. You’ll just feel happy at home. And that’s our goal.

Each and every apartment has been built with care for your preferences and comfort and for the betterment of our community–and the earth. That NGBS Silver Certification for green living applies from the inside-out. From construction to move-in, our efforts to conserve water, energy, and preserve the environment are at the forefront. Who says your home can’t be both luxurious and eco-friendly?

We’re Right Next to Eco-Friendly Public Transportation

Leave your car at home, and take the convenient Dorsey MARC Train that’s just a short walk from your apartment door. If you’re commuting to work, there’s no better way to get there. Bypass all that traffic (and smog), and go from door to door with coffee in hand, and sanity intact. Use the MARC Station trip planner to find out if your destination’s a match. Take a ride and help reduce carbon monoxide emissions by nearly 745,000 tons annually. (That’s a pretty big number.)

Howard County is Full of Green Parks and Trails

When you’re sitting in your desk at work, you’ll be dreaming of getting home and out on the trail for a run. That’s just a small part of the lifestyle changes you’ll likely find yourself making while you live at Woodfield Oxford Square. And if you don’t already have a dog to accompany you on those trail runs, well, don’t be surprised if you end up adopting soon after moving into our dog-friendly community. Nature is so good for you–and our goal is to make it as accessible as possible so you can truly live well.

Hanover’s a Bikeable/Walkable Neighborhood

In addition to those community trails weaving their way around and through Oxford Square, Hanover’s a great place to own a bike. (If you don’t want to store it in your apartment, we offer additional storage space on site.) Biking is a healthy alternative to running, and it’s easier on your joints. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding parking for that quick errand in Arundel Mills.

We Offer Priority Parking for Fuel-Efficient/Hybrid Vehicles

If you do happen to own a car, and it’s a fuel-efficient/hybrid vehicle, you’ll get priority parking at Woodfield Oxford Square. No, it’s not favoritism–we still have plenty of other great parking spaces for all other cars–it’s just appreciation for your dedication to a greener lifestyle. Take advantage of it.

Looking for a brand new apartment in Howard County, MD? Look no further than the eco-friendly apartment community of Woodfield Oxford Square. We’re looking forward to welcoming you home–move-in isn’t far off. Interested? Get in touch with us today, or schedule a tour.