Fun Active Indoor Activities in Howard County


Wintertime in Maryland is brisk and beautiful, but it can sometimes make outdoor activities challenging. Switching to indoor activities is a smart way to stay in shape while protecting yourself from the elements. It’s also an opportunity way to get in some extra practice time for off-season sports.  There are tons of fun active indoor activities in Howard County; here are some of our favorites:


American Ninja Warrior Training

American Ninja Warrior (ANW) is a T.V. show featuring extremely challenging obstacle courses. The competition has basically become a legit sport and thousands all over the country are pushing their fitness levels to the maximum through ANW training.

The premiere Ninja Warrior training spot in Maryland is over at Alternate Routes. Do you have what it takes to become the next American Ninja Warrior? Sign up and find out!

For more straight-forward rock climbing challenges, check out Earth Treks Climbing Center.


Indoor Swimming

Swimming is excellent cardio training for all other sports, and is itself a relaxing and fun exercise. Maryland’s Columbia Association operates five indoor pools at four different locations. All of these are within a 15-20 minute drive radius from Woodfield Oxford Square. Check with each location for lane schedules and availability.


Indoor Tennis

Tennis is super fun for pairs and groups—it can even make a nice active date for couples! Indoor tennis venues can be found at Owen Brown Tennis Club and Bubble or at the Columbia Athletic Club. Sport Fit Bowie is also another option.


Ice Skating Rinks

Even though they’re winter sports, serious ice skating and hockey training usually needs to be done indoors. Many factors need to be controlled for prolonged training, such as the ice temperature. You can sign up for training sessions or open skating sessions at the Columbia Ice Rink or at The Gardens Ice House.


Shooting Ranges

Gun shooting trains a whole different set of bodily systems. Focused vision, steady breathing, and calm nerves are needed for this precision-honing sport. Check out On Target ranges, just a 10 minute drive down the road from Woodfield Oxford Square. They have a large selection of handgun rentals if you want to try different ones from time to time.


Indoor Batting Cages

Keep your baseball and softball skills from getting rusty during the off-season! Get ahead of the competition and get some practice sessions in at Extra Innings Elkridge. They also have pitching tunnels and a private area for birthday parties.


Go-Kart Driving

Indoor go-karting is always an exciting thrill. Also a good option for parties and special occasions, indoor driving can bring out your inner competitive, adrenaline-seeking self. Autobahn Indoor Speedway provides both speed and technical track options for drivers. Their Formula-1 inspired karts are designed and built in Italy, home to some of the world’s best race cars.



Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you need to shut down and hibernate! The best way to stay healthy and warm is to keep active. Exercising at Woodfield Oxford Square’s health club amenities can help you boost your strength and cardio. We also have a yoga and spin studio for extra routine variety. Contact us today to learn more about living in a luxury apartment at Woodfield Oxford Square.