Find All the Climbing Gear You Need Earth Treks Climbing Centers Columbia


You can get that thrill and sense of accomplishment when you embrace your inner adventurer at Earth Treks Climbing Center Columbia. They have a variety of climbing walls that make for a challenging workout, not to mention that they are just plain fun.

See if climbing is what has been missing from your fitness routine with a trial climb with their expert team. You'll get a rental harness and an experienced guide to help you along the way, and plenty of encouragement from their members. Once you’re hooked on the mix of strength and endurance training, membership at Earth Treks also includes a variety of other fitness classes to round out your workout, like yoga or personal training. They also have youth programs, individual course options, and guest passes available as well. Check out all the options on the website, and their helpful intro video to see if climbing could be right for you.