Design Your Own Fro-Yo Sundae at Yogurt Mountain


Yogurt Mountain isn't your average fro-yo shop — just skim its huge list of creative flavors. The shop showcases 16 flavors at a time, but it pulls them from a roster that includes everything from old-fashioned vanilla and original tart to Aunt Ida's Poundcake, caramel pretzel, and spiced apple pie. The lineup also includes a few custards, some dairy-free sorbets, and a handful of no-sugar-added options.

Grab a cup and fill it up with your chosen flavor (or flavors), as much as you like. Just make sure that you save some room for toppings, because Yogurt Mountain boasts more than 50 of them. They range from fresh fruit, like slices of banana and blueberries, to chunks of candy, such as Butterfingers and gummy bears. Mini pretzels, candy-coated sunflower seeds, yogurt chips, bite-sized Rice Krispie treats — you'll find just about every sweet and salty topping you could imagine at Yogurt Mountain.

Public Domain/Pixabay/orentodoros