Experience the Ever-Evolving Comedy of Dane Cook at Live! Center Stage!


Dane Cook shot to stardom in the early 2000s as an edgy stand-up comic with an endless supply of sharp punchlines. It wasn't long before he was headlining movies and making appearances on popular TV shows. The seasoned funnyman is getting back to his roots on the comedy circuit, and you can catch Dane Cook at Live! Center Stage!.

He's making a pit stop at the casino to deliver his deadpan jokes, and if you're in the audience, you're bound to be left in knots after his set. Tickets to snag a seat at Cook's show start at $50, but they each come with a $10 credit to use on the casino's slot machines. So before the show begins at 7 p.m., grab dinner and try your luck at the casino. Then find your seat and buckle up for an evening of unfiltered comedy.