Find Fast-Casual Fare at Chopathi India Kitchen


What do you get when you take traditional Indian cuisine and present it in the made-to-order fast-casual style? In Hanover, you get Chopathi India Kitchen.

Here, you can choose between a bowl or a wrap, fill it with protein of your choice (choose from a list of chicken, lamb, fish, paneer or veggie samosa), and top it with your favorite Indian sauces with sides like lentils, beans, or rice. Like a traditional Indian takeout spot, there are also a range of biryani rice and curry dishes to choose from; regulars say the South Indian Naatu Kodi Vepudu is an underrated gem. Fill out your meal with appetizers and chaat like the onion bajji, masala dosa, or the extremely popular Apollo fish in yogurt sauce. In a rush? No worries, just use the online ordering system and your food will be waiting for you when you arrive.