Bavarian Bread and Pastries are Baked Fresh at Roggenart

In Europe, bread bakeries are a staple of every neighborhood, whether you’re in a major metropolis or a small town. Roggenart, which opened just over a month ago on Dobbin Center Way, looks to bring a bit of that tradition to Columbia. 

The name Roggenart refers to the Austrian-German tradition of baking with milled rye, with provides a rich and earthy flavor you won’t get from your everyday grocery store loaf of sandwich bread. Each morning the kitchen staff bake loaves of challah and wurzel, traditional baguettes and boules, and Alpine and Viennese breads, which customers can take home to accompany their meals. Commuters also appreciate the opportunity to pair coffee and espresso drinks with a freshly-baked selection from the pastry case full of Austrian strudel, French croissants, and Bavarian pretzels. The deli sandwiches, soups, and quiche also make this an attractive lunch hour pit stop.