Enjoy Adventure and Athleticism at Earth Treks Climbing Center

The Earth Treks Climbing Center in Columbia boasts an impressive 42,000 square feet of brand new space. It encompasses a larger area for lead and top-rope climbing, as well as a space for bouldering, strength and cardio machines, and group fitness studios. These are in addition to the gear shop, which has everything a novice needs to start climbing.

If you fall into that category, sign up for an Introduction to Climbing class. The instructor will teach you the fundamentals of climbing, including belaying, knot-tying, and proper movements. Then you’ll have the chance to actually start scaling the walls at Earth Treks and showing off what you’ve learned. If you’re already a seasoned climber, come and grab a day pass to climb or boulder. You can also work out on the cardio machines, take a yoga class, or do some conventional strength-training.