Explore the Advancement of Technology at the National Electronics Museum


Did you know that Cold War-era radar led to the development of the microwave oven? Or that the same electromagnetic waves that power our cell phones also help us to see into space? The National Electronics Museum has interesting exhibits on those areas and so much more, all neatly organized into galleries perfect for exploring. 

The mission of the Museum is to foster education in engineering and science, and achieves that goal through examining defense developments and the commercial products derived thereafter. You could spend hours in the radar galleries, with different sections on early systems from the late 1930’s all the way up to modern advances like tracking flights and tactical surveillance. If you or a youngster in your life likes to build radios or take apart small appliances, this is the place for you. 

The National Electronics Museum is just $7 for adult admission, and discounts are available for students, military, and seniors. It’s easy to find off of MD-295, and you can also become a member for one low yearly price.