Azure Oxford Square: Patapsco State Park – Avalon Area


It’s the best time of year to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! One of the best places to do this in our area is the Patapsco State Park – Avalon Area. For those who like to get moving, there are miles of hiking trails that will lead you around the great outdoors past picturesque streams, lush green space, a carefully constructed footbridge, railroad tracks, and tons of wildlife. Certain trails even lead to waterfalls! There is also a bike path for those who prefer to hop on their bike. 

If basking in the sunshine is more your thing, there are plenty of places to set up a picnic spread with friends and family, whether on the grass or one of their large picnic tables. They also have playgrounds for the little ones so you can sit and relax while they explore.

There is a parking area where parking is $2 for Maryland residents and $4 for non-residents, so keep an eye out as you get close!