Design Your Own Bubble Tea at Kokee Tea


What is Kokee Tea? Some would say it’s a “hug in a cup,” while others would say it’s a bubble tea spot in Arundel Hills Mall. Both are correct! Kokee tea prides itself on great ingredients, which are used to create some truly unique combinations. 

Their specials contain a wide range of flavors. The Virgin Mojito, which combines hand-crafted jasmine green tea with key lime, mint, and one of four flavors, is just one of many refreshing options. The offerings only get more decadent. The Golden Harvest combines honey oolong tea with home-made cream, while the Cheese Crema takes your choice of earl grey or jasmine green tea and pairs it with house-made cheese crema. The ice blends are equally enticing, with a number of interesting fruit flavors as well as other options, like taro and Oreo. Of course, if you feel like enjoying something completely different, feel free to create your own combination. Choose from a wide variety of teas and milk products, as well as four different sweetness levels and 10 different kinds of toppings.