Treat Yourself to a Warm, Buttery Pretzel at Wetzel’s Pretzels


Wetzel’s Pretzels dubs itself the “Pretzel to the Stars”, but you don’t have to be a Hollywood heavyweight to love their hot, hand-rolled hunks of dough. Visit the nearby Arundel Mills Shopping Center for your fill of salty, buttery pretzels and all of the other classic drinks and pretzel creations that Wetzel’s Pretzels is known for. 

Nothing tastes better when you are shopping and need a pick-me-up than a warm, carb-loaded pretzel. Or if a full meal is what you crave, get a bucket of minis or a full-size Wetzel Dog, Pizza Bitz, or the regular pretzel decked out with pepperoni, loads or cheese, or spicy jalapenos. And don’t forget a dip on the side, whether you like a dunk of savory cheddar sauce or sweet, ooey gooey caramel. No wonder celebs are always spotted with Wetzel’s Pretzels in hand. Be sure to download the rewards app for free pretzels, special offers, and more, plus the ability to pay for your pretzel fix with your mobile phone.