What’s Your Go-to Tea Order at Gong Cha?


Despite the fact that Gong Cha DMV just recently opened its doors, the story behind this tea house goes back centuries. You see, the term "gong cha" means to offer the very best possible tea to an honored guest, and the tradition has a long history in Taiwan, where this tea house originated. Today, there are 1500+ Gong Cha franchises around the world, and they all adhere to the company’s original philosophy: to serve high quality tea in an atmosphere of unparalleled hospitality. 

The menu is focused on bubble tea, and allows you to customize the level of sweetness, no matter what flavor you order. For a classic bubble tea experience go for a simple green or black tea from the "milk foam" series. Want something more exciting? You can choose from passionfruit, peach, mango, and other flavors, or you can go for one of the shop’s unique yogurt-based teas.