Craving Vietnamese Fare at Azure Oxford Square? Head to Phubs!


When you think of Vietnamese cuisine, you surely include a couple of key dishes that are massively popular in Vietnamese-American restaurants: pho and banh mi. And as the folks at Phubs will tell you, these two dishes are so popular, and so iconic, that they form the basis for this restaurant’s entire menu.

If you prefer a steaming bowl of pho, you’ll be able to customize your own bowl however you like, or choose one of the kitchen’s signature combinations (the "Phubalicious" bowl filled with thin-sliced brisket, meatballs, spinach, and Napa cabbage is a customer favorite). Prefer the easy mobility of a hand-held sandwich instead? Try the classic bulgogi banh mi sandwich, or go for one of the restaurant’s innovative variations (BBQ pork, for example). Whatever you choose, it’s a cinch to use the restaurant’s online ordering system to schedule either delivery or takeout.